We created new renditions of our 4 very popular aromatherapy guide charts, and made them more engaging and aesthetic. With over 100k re-pins on Pinterest, the charts became popular and many clients and readers downloaded them. We're taking this project to a new level. Now for only $9.99 (FREE Shipping) you can get any of the 4 charts laminated, with no watermarks. These charts are great for anyone who wants to learn more about aromatherapy, because they contain a lot of information while being straightforward. We realized that you don't get the full picture if you don't have all 4 charts, so we made it more convenient when you buy the package of 4 Charts for $23.99 These charts are great for the office, keeping at home near your aromatherapy, or just giving out to friends and acquaintances that are truly interested in aromatherapy. And by being laminated we covered the most important aspect of these charts: they're 100% oil proof!