Meditation Blend

Meditation Blend

Meditation Blend


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Slow Down Your Hectic Life with This Meditation Blend

This special aromatherapy blend will help you slow down and seize the day.

Put a couple of drops of Meditation Blend on a tissue, sit back, take a deep breath and achieve a calmer, slower, more relaxed state of mind.

Main Ingredients:
Frankincense Essential Oil: It's got soothing qualities that will help you break free of negative emotions, allowing you to focus on -- and appreciate -- the current moment.
Rose Absolute: By using it to open up your heart energy, you can overcome negative emotions like guilt, sorrow, and self-righteousness and be more open to affection, intimacy, and determination.
Palo Santo Essential Oil: This is a sacred and deeply spiritual essential oil. It's perfect for people who feel lonely, depressed, or abandoned. Not only can Palo Santo give you a clearer understanding of your specific situation, it can help you detach from a painful past that's holding you back.

**Wild Crafted
***Ethically Farmed

Simply place a few drops in a tissue, and breathe it in. It will only take you about 5 minutes to feel your mind quiet down.

Put a tissue with 2 drops under your pillow. That way, you'll sleep better all night long, and you'll be able to bid bon voyage to the nightmares that are preventing you from getting the rest you need.

Combine 10 drops of Meditation Blend with 1/4 cup of sea salts, and pour the mixture into the bath tub. The warm water will help infuse your entire bathroom with the calming scent!

Combine 60 drops of Meditation Blend with 4 ounces of Therapeutic Carrier Oil to make a special body oil that you can use as a daily moisturizer or an end of the day treat.


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