Fiesta E.O - EXULTO

Fiesta E.O - EXULTO

Fiesta E.O - EXULTO


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Welcome the party to your life. A blend of Latin American scents created to revive and enliven your heart and mind. Helpful for chronic depression, apathy, burnout, sluggishness.

Ginger Essential Oil***: Hot and spicy optimism and will power, elevates the moon, disperses the sense of inertia.
Cardamom Essential Oil***: Clarity, direction, motivation, courage, enthusiasm.
Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil*: “Opens the chest”, stimulating, emotional balancer.
Palo Santo Essential Oil*: Quiets the mind from mundane thoughts; and has a purifying effect on the mind, specially beneficial for cases of grief and inability to let go.

**Wild Crafted
***Ethically Farmed

Methods of Use:
Aromatherapy Burner, Steam Inhalation, Quick Inhalation, Massage with Therapeutic Carrier Oil

Dale la bienvenida a la celebración a tu vida. Una mezcla de aromas latinoamericanos creada para revivir y reanimar tu corazón y tu mente. Útil para problemas de depresión crónica, apatía, agotamiento nervioso, pereza.

Aceite Esencial de Jengibre***: Optimismo, calor, picardía, fuerza de voluntad, dispersa el sentimiento de inercia.
Aceite Esencial de Cardamomo***: Claridad, dirección, motivación, coraje, entusiasmo.
Aceite Esencial de Eucalyptus Globulus*: “Abre el pecho”, estimulante, equilibrio emocional.
Aceite Esencial de Palo Santo*: Calma la mente de pensamientos mundanos y tiene un efecto purificador de la mente, especialmente beneficioso para casos de duelo e incapacidad de dejar ir.

* Orgánico
**Recolección silvestre
***Cultivado éticamente

Métodos de Uso:
Masaje con un aceite vehicular, Difusor, Inhalación al vapor, Inhalación directa


*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease

That EXULTO Fiesta is a feast for the senses and helps the heart to blossom in whatever soil the day plants... God blessed us with your gifts…

Jackie, Cincinati, IL