Immune Support Essential Oil Blend - RESPIRO

Immune Support  Essential Oil Blend - RESPIRO

Immune Support Essential Oil Blend - RESPIRO


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The essential oils in this blend will help support and strengthen the immune response by opposing the microorganisms and by stimulating the activity of the organs and cells involved. Useful for the common cold, sinusitis, laryngitis and chronic bronchitis. Always be sure to keep this decongestant blend in your medicine chest.

Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil** and Eucalyptus Radiata Essential Oil**:
Powerful antibacterial and antiviral.
Niaouli Essential Oil*and Tea Tree Essential Oil*: Bactericidal, antiviral and fungicidal properties and a powerfully stimulant action on the immune response.
Ravensara Essential Oil*:
The oil that heals. Very useful with viral infections like whooping cough, sinusitis.
Pine Essential Oil**:
Expectorant and a very powerful pulmonary antiseptic.
Lavender Essential Oil*:
The antiseptic and analgesic properties of lavender make it a very useful treatment for colds, coughs, catarrh and influenza.

**Wild Crafted
***Ethically Farmed

Methods of Use: Aromatherapy Burner, Steam Inhalation, Pillow, Humidifier, Baths, Footbaths, Gargles, Massage with Therapeutic Carrier Oil

Los aceites esenciales en esta mezcla te ayudarán a apoyar y fortalecer al sistema inmunológico al oponerse a los microorganismos y al estimular la actividad de los órganos y células involucrados. Útil para el resfriado común, sinusitis, laringitis y bronquitis crónica. Asegúrate siempre de tener esta mezcla descongestionante en tu botiquín médico.

Aceite Esencial de Eucalyptus Globulus** y Aceite Esencial de Eucalyptus Radiata**:
Poderoso antibacteriano y antiviral.
Aceite Esencial de Niaouli* y Aceite Esencial de Arbol de Té*: Con propiedades bactericidas, antivirales y fungicidas y una poderosa acción estimulante en la respuesta inmunológica.
Aceite Esencial de Ravensara*:
El aceite que cura. Muy útil para las infecciones virales como la tos convulsiva, sinusitis y la gripe.
Aceite Esencial de Pino**:
Expectorante y un antiséptico pulmonar muy poderoso.
Aceite Esencial de Lavanda*:
Las propiedades antisépticas y analgésicas del aceite esencial de lavanda hacen que sea un tratamiento muy efectivo para resfriados, tos, catarro e influenza.

* Orgánico
**Recolección silvestre
***Cultivado éticamente

Métodos de Uso:
Inhalaciones, Inhalación Rápida, Baño de Pies, Baños, Masaje con un aceite vehicular, Difusor, Gárgaras


*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease

I've been using my bottle of RESPIRO Immune Support the last few days to help me get over a sore throat and fever- I've been taking one drop internally every hour and I must say I am recovering very quickly- never got any congestion or other symptoms!

Jen, Gainesville, GA

The Immune Support was fantastic with my flu and with my fiance's seasonal allergies! I steamed some water with it and it cleared my congestion right up! It is on my bedside table right now ready to diffuse when we go to sleep.

Mary, Buford GA