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About Clary Sage Essential Oil

Restores and relaxes. Its antispasmodic effect makes it very helpful in relieving muscle tension that comes from emotional or mental stress.

Clary Sage is an excellent relaxant having somewhat aphrodisiac, euphoric, and antidepressant characteristics. It is especially helpful in treating women-specific conditions. From asthma and insomnia to indigestion and hypertension, the remarkable therapeutic qualities of Clary Sage make it an all-in-one tonic for the whole body.


  • Harmonizing
  • Euphoric
  • Soothing
  • Restores Equilibrium

How to Use Clary Sage Essential Oil

For Hormonal Balance: Clary Sage’s is effective against PMS, painful periods, menstrual irregularity, symptoms of menopause and labor. A clinical trial involving the use of essential oils being used during labor revealed that Clary Sage’s relaxing and analgesic effects contributed to its ability to accelerate labor. [1]

Yet another study conducted at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford reported that Clary Sage assisted contractions, making labor shorter and less painful for mothers. [2]

Clary Sage is also a uterine stimulant and an emmenagogue that promotes menstruation when delayed, scanty or completely absent. When massaged over the abdomen during periods, its spasmolytic and analgesic action on the uterus can relieve menstrual cramps.

For Nervous Equilibrium: Clary Sage is a powerful nerve tonic, valuable for all types of nervous debility and states of exhaustion. Furthermore, people who are prone to paranoia and panic attacks are likely to benefit from its anxiolytic properties. A clinical trial carried out by an Italian group who have been researching the anti-inflammatory and peripheral analgesic effects of Clary Sage, has demonstrated the oil’s anti-convulsion effect in animals. Specific conditions of neurasthenia or hyperactivity in children also respond well to Clary Sage. [2]

For Emotional Well-Being: Clary Sage has mild narcotic properties, which spark creativity and vivid imagination. Its herby scent can also relieve feelings of tension and anxiety that are so typical during exams or interviews. Clary Sage is a calming oil that kindles both mind and spirit and can induce a kind of euphoria or a feeling of elation, although in some cases it simply causes drowsiness. It may be used in a massage blend or in the bath to treat nervous exhaustion and depression. [3]

For Sexual Health: Clary Sage’s stress-busting and deeply relaxing properties make it a powerful natural aphrodisiac. While it fuels desire and masculinity in men, its profound characteristics stimulate sexual appetite and confidence in women. The oil also helps overcome frigidity, inhibition or anxiety that may come in the way of a fulfilling man-woman relationship. [4]

For Skin and Hair Care: Clary Sage is used in several skin and hair care products owing to its hydrating, antimicrobial and anti-dandruff properties. It is known to revitalize the scalp and clear dead skin, thus reducing flakiness and itching commonly associated with dandruff.

Methods of Use

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