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Fennel, Sweet Essential Oil


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About Fennel Essential Oil

Fennel essential oil has a characteristic sweet, earthy aroma, much like aniseed. Although its most popular use is that of a digestive agent, Fennel also possesses antiseptic, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also a potent antispasmodic and analgesic, which makes it particularly helpful in treating women-related problems. Fennel’s aperitif and diuretic properties, on the other hand, have made it immensely popular among weight-watchers and dieters.

Revitalizing, restorative. Eases the digestive system. Appetite suppressant. Diuretic.

Emotional Qualities

  • Clearing
  • Resolute
  • Enlightened
  • Encouraging

How to Use Fennel Essential Oil

For digestive system: Fennel has a carminative nature, which means that it helps prevent and relieve flatulence. As an effective antispasmodic, it acts upon the smooth muscles of the stomach and intestines, thus alleviating gastric pain and discomfort associated with indigestion, abdominal bloating, nausea, belching, and flatulence.

For detoxification: As a natural diuretic and lymphatic decongestant, Fennel assists the body in eliminating toxins, stagnant fluids and fats. A massage with fennel oil boosts blood circulation and draws excessive water from the tissues, which helps in instant inch-loss and minimizes cellulite. Not surprisingly, Fennel has been used as a traditional slimming aid in many cultures. I have used Fennel as an ingredient in my Detoxing Body Oil and it has delivered fabulous results!

For reproductive health: Fennel is indeed a “woman’s oil” as it can help regulate the menstrual cycle, particularly when periods are scanty and painful. It is also recommended during menopause to reduce symptoms caused by fluctuating hormonal levels. Fennel essential oil contains high amounts of anethole, which is believed to have estrogen-like properties. Due to its lactogenic and emmanagogic properties, Fennel is given to new mothers in India to stimulate lactation and help with the contraction of uterus after delivery. Fennel is an important ingredient in Aromandina’s Woman’s Help Body Oil – one of our most popular products.

For skin care: Fennel is an elixir for aging skin as its tautening and tonic effects can help treat wrinkles, weakness of the connective tissue and cellulite. Quick Tip: You can make your very own day-and-night anti-wrinkle moisturizer by combining: 5 drops of of Fennel, 5 drops of Rose 5 drops of Lavender in a 1 oz bottle of jojoba oil. You will love the results!

For emotional issues: Obesity and weight gain are often associated with low self-esteem, poor self image and self rejection. These factors lead to “substitutes” like emotional eating, which only compounds the problem. Fennel enhances peoples’ ability to embrace and accept themselves, and acknowledge the root cause of weight issues, thus contributing towards better self-image and confidence. Fennel is also known to encourage positive qualities like perseverance and motivation, which are necessary to overcome weight issues. Fennel is also very beneficial for people who tend to bottle up their feelings, which often manifest as physical problems such as nervous spasm or indigestion. Fennel helps open up channels of communication and gives people courage to express themselves without fear or inhibition. Have you ever used Fennel essential oil? Tell us how it benefitted you.

Methods of Use

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Aceite Esencial de Hinojo

Revitalizante y recuperador. Calma al sistema digestivo. Suprime el apetito. Diurético


  • Clarificante
  • Resuelto
  • Iluminado
  • Motivante

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Scientific Name:Foeniculum Vulgare var. dulce
Country of Origin:Turkey
Part of the Plant:Seeds
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