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Cristina Proano-Carrion
C.H. Dip. Aroma

Born and raised in the Ecuadorian capital, Quito, Cristina’s memories are always related to the scents of her homeland. A professional Aromatherapist since 1994, Cristina received her Complementary Health Education Diploma in Aromatherapy in 1997 from the Kevala Center in the U.K., and advanced her studies in 1998 when she took the International Training Program in Essential Oils at Purdue University in Indiana.

Cristina has more than 14 years of experience formulating aromatherapy products for the spa, fitness and hospitality industry and speaking with North and South American audiences on television and radio as well as in seminars and workshops.

She is eager to share her successful experience and the therapeutic values of her homeland’s pure healing ingredients.

After trying for 4 years to get pregnant, I discovered the therapeutic powers of essential oils that help to balance your hormonal system, detox your body and provide a general sense of well being for your mind, your body and your heart. The result was that after a month of applying a blend of essential oils I got pregnant and during my pregnancy, the birth of my son and his 12 years I have only used essential oils. The result is a healthy child who has never needed antibiotics because he has never had any major infection. This experience has been shared with many audiences on TV and radio as well as in seminars and workshops in North and South America.

Currently, I have formulated Aromandina, my own line of highly therapeutic, sustainable aromatherapy products. Aromandina is a well-developed line of essential oil products that includes Seven Solution Sets. Within these Solution Sets are products which carry essential oil blends that are formulated specifically, scientifically and through years of hands-on experience to assist with the needs and challenges that are affecting our daily lives.

What makes our aromatherapy products different?

All of the products you see featured here at Aromandina are the result of a lot of time, effort, and TLC — not just from us, but from our growers, too! We have a great relationship with our suppliers, and they share the same passion that we do. They’re as committed to providing you products with integrity and aromatherapy quality as we are!

Because of our love for aromatherapy, we’re happy to offer our products to both big and small customers. If you’re looking for wholesale aromatherapy products for your spa, we can give them to you. Or, if you want to try aromatherapy for the first time, we’ll be happy to sell you the individual products you need to get started.

That variety also extends to customers of all different ages. All of our products are safe and effective for adults as well as children. In fact, teaching your kids about the benefits of aromatherapy for children is a gift they’ll thank you for forever!

No matter who you are, at Aromandina, you’re guaranteed a completely organic experience… Everything we sell is made with organic oils. We’re committed to giving you products that don’t just work — but are also safe to use. That’s why we work with small suppliers that guarantee our oils will only come from organic or wildcrafted sources.

Are you ready to experience a whole new you?

Take a look around, and see what our products can do for you. Also, be sure to check out our blog, Facebook page, and email list for expert aromatherapy tips and insights.

It won’t take long for you to see how our passion can work for you!