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Aromatherapy Charts Set of 4


Aromatherapy Charts Set of 4 ACHPCK

Laminated, with no watermarks, shipped on heavy-duty and rigid protection envelope straight to your door.

Benefits of Essential Oils

This is the ultimate guide for understanding the basic effects that essential oils have on the body. This can be used as a general reference for the most common conditions.

Essential Oils for Mind and Emotions

This chart will help guide you through the incredibly diverse effects that essential oils have on your mind and emotions. Essential oils can commonly help you relax, revitalize your mind and help you stay focused.

Essential Oils for Skin

This chart is essential for knowing what oils are not only safe to use on the skin, but also wonderfully beneficial. From revitalizing your skin to maintaining a healthy balance, essential oils offer a variety of benefits

Specific Uses of Essential Oils
This chart will help you if you're looking for very specific uses for some of your essential oils. From dealing with headaches to reducing stress, essential oils can provide very powerful treatments. This chart is great for having at home in case you need to know specific about uses.

These charts are great for the office, keeping at home near your aromatherapy, or just giving out to friends and acquaintances that are truly interested in aromatherapy.

And by being laminated, we covered the most important aspect of these charts: they’re 100% oil proof!

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